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December 27, 2019  

12/25/19 - SINGULARITY (Episode Zero)

December 27, 2019

Everyone wants the unreleased episode. Pretty sure this is it. So, download and listen at your leisure. Then, you can let us know if it was any good! Everyone should keep in mind, however, It was our very first recording attempt! Not professionals, like we are now!

Did you have a good holiday? We hope you did! It would be a travesty if you didn't! Don't worry, this podcast will cheer you up! Nothing could be better, in fact! Though Santa's presents come in close second.

Krampus ain't here, so have no fear! Instead, have some joy and maybe some eggnog. Love each other, Love yourself.

Happy Holidays from OffTheClack! Instead of nightmares, we wish your dreams! Many, many, many wonderful dreams! Still, don't forget those less fortunate Everyone deserves happiness! Let the holiday spirit wash over yourself, For this is OffTheClack's special -- first ever episode!