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February 11, 2020  

02/05/20 - Gondo’s Back To Speak About His GoFundMe Fame!

Gondo's back. We have his items from GoFundMe & they are probably in transit to his proxy at this moment you are reading this! Thanks to everyone who helped this guy get a better mic AND camera! We even covered his shipping fees and hopefully VAT, as well. More updates on this to come.

Quick episode this week, again Danny is at home taking care of a baby so you get OG2+Gondo; a segment of the 4LK (4 Loko Krew), if you will.

Next week will be our first official week "off" as all of us have things we cannot miss this upcoming week; we may host another stream or do an off-time podcast and upload to Patron only. Guess you'll have to donate to find out :-P

Much love!

February 4, 2020  

01/29/20 - Bustin’ a Nat w/ Minterly

The title isn't great, but I was rushing. Give me a break! Nat cosigned on it, at least. She was hoping for something more saucy and lewd, so I had to crush her dreams. Not on OUR podcast, girl! Never!

Minterly (nat) is back and this time she joined us with video! Make sure you check out our Twitch page to catch that version, or sit back and enjoy the audio version.

Added a little something extra to the beginning of the podcast. We'll see...

January 28, 2020  

01/22/20 - ‘Extremely Offensive’ Podcast (Obviously)

If you don't want to be extremely offended by our podcast, you should turn it off. #EZLifeHax

Another week, another podcast. Lots of stuff included. Tried to cut down on the meta talk regarding video, but that will also be fixed this upcoming week with some changes to our methodology. So hang in there, audio folks!

Also, Chris thought it would be good to run a loud as fuck air filter during the whole show and then try to blame it on everyone else. SMH.

Also, Chris was almost shot right before the episode, so it's a pretty good listen. He's okay though!

January 21, 2020  

01/15/20 - OG3 Spends Some Time with MikeTheTiger (of 40% Discord Fame)!

The first half of the podcast we are joined by MikeTheTiger, the gangster who made the 40% Discord Server. Yes, that server. :)

We talk all sorts of things: keebs, discord management, and much more. Halfway through the podcast, Mike had to duck out for some emergency work, but the OG3 continued on.

Discussion of drama, customer horror stories, lubrication grades, and other whacky stuff.

January 12, 2020  

01/08/20 - OG3 Pumping Out That Video Podcast Numero Uno!

First and foremost, you can watch us three idiots stream video for the first time on Twitch by clicking here ( First time, so it likely will move past episodes to another place like YouTube, but for now this is the best way to watch us do video while we improve enough on it to feel comfy posting to YT. :-) Hope this makes sense!

Anyhow, it's the OG3 and we are getting right back into things. Keyboards, drama, popcorn, melon, all kinds of craziness. Also we promise Danny totally is not a life-like robot. You're wrong about that 100%, he's totally real and breathes air like the rest of us human-people. I'm not sure what you're implying, but it seems racist! :P

Enjoy and check us out on video again next week at Wednesday @ 9:15pm EST. We has the special guests coming.

January 2, 2020  

01/01/20 - Danny & Josh Ring In The New Year!

Just a quick New Year's episode from Josh and Danny!

We talk vendor stuff, labels, shipping, packaging and essentially all keyboard related topics. I swear Chris is the one who gets us off topic, so blame him. :-)

In all seriousness, this was recorded before the new year, but we're putting it as #1 of 2020 to make it easier on us later. We expect this year to swap to video podcasts at some point very soon. We will likely be expanding the platforms (YouTube, for example, and a bigger Twitch presence) you can watch and listen at. Stay tuned to see any new information as it becomes available.

Happy 2020 to all our OffTheClackers!

December 27, 2019  

12/25/19 - SINGULARITY (Episode Zero)

Everyone wants the unreleased episode. Pretty sure this is it. So, download and listen at your leisure. Then, you can let us know if it was any good! Everyone should keep in mind, however, It was our very first recording attempt! Not professionals, like we are now!

Did you have a good holiday? We hope you did! It would be a travesty if you didn't! Don't worry, this podcast will cheer you up! Nothing could be better, in fact! Though Santa's presents come in close second.

Krampus ain't here, so have no fear! Instead, have some joy and maybe some eggnog. Love each other, Love yourself.

Happy Holidays from OffTheClack! Instead of nightmares, we wish your dreams! Many, many, many wonderful dreams! Still, don't forget those less fortunate Everyone deserves happiness! Let the holiday spirit wash over yourself, For this is OffTheClack's special -- first ever episode!