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February 15, 2021  

2021-02-10 - Deeper Dive into Ergomech Drama w/Symjpmu

Back-to-back weeks w/an episode! This week we follow up on last week's episode with Symjpmu as guest to talk about his side of the story. Baby provided some input on the situation as well.

February 8, 2021  
January 2, 2021  

2020-12-29 - Last Episode of the Year

Another Josh-less episode! Chris and Danny are here to squeeze in one final episode before the end of the year and talk a bit about plans for the upcoming year. Obligatory chat about the Elite-C included of course. Check out the video version of this episode on YouTube if you want to checkout the new Keebio office.

Video of Stream on YouTube

July 9, 2020  

07/08/20 - Danny and Chris - New episode in a long time

Danny and Chris finally got together to do a real episode, as opposed to a more Twitch stream-centric one. Talked about your usual stuff, Elite-C, keyboards, unicycles, theories on who registered, bouillabaisse, etc.


Key Wood Keycap Set drama


May 11, 2020  

04/22/20 - Mr. & Mrs. SpaceCat & Germ! Quaran-DEAN Edition!

It's been a while, and this is actually a few weeks old so if there is content that makes no sense--whoops.

We've been trying to get some content out while locked-down and staying healthy, so stick with us for OG3 coming soon.

This is the first episode where Mrs. SpaceCat has joined the fray, along with the one and only--Germ. Yes, he talks about the magnets.

We're all over the place with this and none of us were able to use good audio setups, so the quality is not that great. Again, stick with us and we'll get back on a better schedule once things...calm down...I guess?

Anyhow, this is the first podcast of a double-header. Next one will be uploaded shortly. ENJOY!

April 15, 2020  

04/15/20 - Danny Hangs Out With Himself

Just Danny for this episode, so it basically became the Keebio shillzone. Did a run through the Keebio status board on Trello, and gave updates for everything on there. Also covered what the deal is with Choc stabilizers and the research involved with figuring out the correct dimensions for stab cutouts. Elite-Cs were restocked live, and Danny showed off how he uses a restock notification app to gauge interest in various items. A lot of stuff was shown and explained on the Twitch stream, so it might be better to check that out to see what was going on. 

Twitch VoD

March 26, 2020  

03/26/20 - Danny & Germ actually talk about keyboards

Danny finally makes an appearance after a 2-month long disappearance, and after failing to get Twitch going due to bad internet once again, he fired up an audio recording through Discord. A brief bit of COVID-19 talk, but mostly keyboard talk this time (sorry) and also some conversion van stuff.

Things discussed on show you should buy:

gChoc Switches

GergoPlex: Heavy

Sinc - Split 75%

KBO-5000 - Split 80%

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