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September 23, 2019  

09/18/19 - Bizarro Land with Chris’ BFF (Who Uses a Razer Keyboard)!

September 23, 2019

Yup, you read that right. We got a normal consumer as a guest today. Sort of. It's Chris' friend since they were little babies together in the hospital, or something. Credit where credit is due, the man jumps right in and it's a perfect blend of banter and

We talk keyboards, from a consumer and vendor POV, get everyone's take on some of the more mass produced items out there (like the Razer keyboards, etc), and a whole lot more.

Obviously, the derailment is present, but it's a fun time and one of the funner podcasts we've had a chance to record. Very lively!

Everyone knows we have the liveliest podcasts. Absolute liveliest.