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July 13, 2019  

07/10/19 - Who Needs a Script?

July 13, 2019

Writing these is a lot harder than people realize. Especially when it's an OG Trio episode and things get...a the rails? But then again, that's not always a bad thing! We're kind of known for getting derailed, so why not lean into it? 

We do, in fact, talk about keebs this week. Topics ranging from SA SNES, Mercury Keyboard (of Drop), expensive as heck switches and whether it's worth it, all this and surprisingly more in this episode!

But yes, we also cover the hard hitting topics that we know fans want to hear about. How to pop your ears after a long flight, why is Chris always so cranky, just what IS Danny up to during most of the podcast, and how many times can Josh say the word 'jawn' in just one episode.

These things and more!