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July 6, 2019  

07/03/19 - It’s Really Just Painting…You’re Just Wrong!

July 6, 2019

In this episode we go back to our roots. Each of us explains how we, roughly, got started in the keyboard "business." Very interesting stories, indeed--and quite different from one another.

Yes, it's just the OG Trio again! This was a fun, fun, fun podcast and really worth a listen if you want to hear about keyboards, storefronts, pcbs, keysets, and a lot more that happens to actually be on-topic with mechanical keyboards! Go figure!

Coming in under 2 hours, this is a great (and somewhat quicker than normal) listen. Guided mostly by fan suggested questions, we would also like to take this opportunity to welcome anyone to send in questions for our hosts and maybe we will get to answer them live, on-air!

Special shoutout to all patrons and continued listeners. We're at 26 episodes and climbing and having a blast doing this. We hope you still enjoy us!