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December 23, 2019  

12/18/19 - What The F*ck, Danny?

December 23, 2019

Only one or two podcasts left until 2020, when we will then begin to cast with video streams! It only took us a full year to get it going--also, Josh has to be in-charge because he can't trust Danny or Chris' audio streams. After 50+ episodes they still pick the wrong inputs.


<3 JK, I love them both and wish them happy holidays! :-)

This week Danny brought his friend, who is an eSports Caster (LoL, I believe). He didn't prep the poor bastard at all, so he got a bit steam-rolled, but chimed in for some good moments. Would love to have him back for a proper eSports chat!

Stay tuned, we may release episode 0 as a holiday surprise. MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE.