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November 22, 2019  

11/20/19 - How To Make A Bouillabaisse with Skullydazed (QMK & Clueboard)

November 22, 2019

We're joined this week by Skullydazed, of QMK and Clueboard fame. This episode is a little shorter than normal, however we probably talk about keyboards more than usual, also. Come give it a listen, you know you want to.

Also, in the event you were wondering, here is a recipe for a good one-hour bouillabaisse: there isn't one.

Doesn't make sense? You should follow the Mechanical Keyboard subreddit more often! Particularly the absolute goldmine of drama and hilariousness this week involving Alice scandals and more. Popcorn all over the place.

But, back on topic, here are some links you should check from the guest himself, Skullydazed:

PS -- Enjoy the sound effects.