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November 18, 2019  

11/13/19 - Clown Car Episode #2 (ft. Mrs. Maple-Computing & Germ)

November 18, 2019

Clown car because there are like, I don't twenty-six people on this podcast all at once.

It's definitely a stretch to call this one a keyboard podcast, but I mean, we do talk about keyboards for maybe a few minutes. It's just impossible to stay on topic with Germ as a guest.

We were also accompanied by Mrs. Maple-Computing which was a great treat. We're talking about maybe doing an all-wives episode in the future; just gotta get the wives on board! :-) Stay tuned for information on that as it develops!

Thanks for the listen and stay tuned as we have the following upcoming podcast guests:

  • 11/20/19 - Skully
  • 11/27/19 - Yanfali & Gondolindrim
  • 12/04/19 - CorruptedCaps