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September 2, 2019  

08/28/19 - Put The Team on My Back (ft. MKUltraCorp)

September 2, 2019

Sometimes, you know, things happen. Chris was out this week doing his PAX West thing and we were able to snag MKUltraCorp as a guest host in his place!

Surprising amount of keyboard talk and unfortunately no taco talk, but please don't change that dial just yet. We learn about a lot of the new projects Erik is working on (from MKUltraCorp), when we might see them, prices, MOQs, and all those other juicy scoops (ahoy!) you keeb-fans have been lookin' for.

Only on OffTheClack!

We also, obviously, go way off topic and sometimes get downright outlandish!

PS--Podcast cover unrelated. Glitter pills just freak me out and I want them to freakĀ you out. Enjoy.