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August 26, 2019  

08/21/19 - OG3 & Unpopular Keyboard Opinions!

August 26, 2019

Yep, Josh had some weird audio stuff going on this time. Excuse his (my) clipping audio. We sorted most of it out in post, but some remains. My apologies to your ears ahead of time. <3

Show follows suit from last week, except we dive into a popular r/MK post regarding unpopular opinions. We even share our own, discuss some drama that's going on (as usual), and more.

No guest this week as we wanted a streamlined episode for this discussion, but coming up in the next few weeks will be some big announcements (CAMERAS MAYBE!?) and new content!

Also if you are a patron, keep your eyes on OTC.FM as the patron only section will be going live soon.

See you all next week!