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August 11, 2019  

08/07/19 - Tessachka is Back to Talk Turkey, Twitch, Some Other T-Word, and More!

August 11, 2019

Lord knows why she would agree to this, but Tessachka is back for Round 2!

This is, unfortunately, a Danny-less episode as he was feeling pretty sick for the entire week. We'll cut him some slack this time, but only this time. Right?

Topics include keyboards obviously, streaming builds, lots and lots of Twitch talk, and maybe even a little Drama and Greg. Oh My! (See: Wiki Link)

Tessa is one of, if not the, favorite guest of OffTheClack--so be sure to download this podcast and then check out her stream. She will not disappoint.

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Note--Please stay until the very end of the podcast for a special little Easter Egg I dropped in this, just for my boy Chris (That-Canadian). <3