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July 28, 2019  

07/24/19 - Chris-less in July Special (Ft. Germ & Jordi)

July 28, 2019

Ah yes! Chris-less has come early this year!

We joke, of course, as the podcast is never quite the same without Chris, but alas--we trudged on with some help from Jordi ( and Germ ( Surprisingly lots of keyboard and keyboard-adjacent topics tonight. Lots of listener questions (from Discord) will be answered, as well.

Slightly shorter than some of our more recent podcasts, but a hell of a listen to. Topics covering Guy Fieri being a good brother, things to try in and out of the keyboard world at least once, Germ things (if you know him, you know what we mean already, if not--LISTEN!), and much more with a first ever rapid-fire question segment for the hosts and guests.

Oh, and philosophical discussion about art. Lots of that too. For some reason. Heh.