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June 15, 2019  

06/12/19 - Foam, Mind Control & More! Featuring Erik (of MKUltraCorp)!

June 15, 2019

Welcome everyone to your favorite time of the week! No, not the weekend! It's OffTheClack Podcast time! That's right and we have a special guest this week named Erik, who literally runs a company called MKUltraCorp (more links to that below, you've been warned) that specializes in something we haven't yet heard about on our show--foam inserts for all your mechanical keyboard needs!

If you know us, then you know the topics get a bit off-track in standard fashion, but not nearly as bad as usual for some reason. I guess we just really wanted to talk about keyboards this week! But don't think there is no good back and forth between us all--you'd be wrong! The bants remains!

Checkout some of our guests links below:

MKUltraCorp Website

MKUltraCorp Contact

MKUltraCorp on Reddit

Readers Warned, Things Get Real Below:

Project MKUltra on Wikipedia

MKUltra on