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June 9, 2019  

06/05/19 - Quick Chat with JT (of El Cap’n Caps) + OG Trio Post Halftime Show!

June 9, 2019

Quick Episode Breakdown:

  • 0:00 - 55:00 --> Quick Chat with JT of El Cap'n Caps!
  • 55:00 - 1:54:00 --> OG Trio Takes Over w/ Reckless Abandon!

We did have a few audio issues with this podcast, but fear not--most are fixed and/or removed. Apologies to our live listeners, but hey, you listen live--you get live problems! But seriously, thanks for your continued support and hanging with us while we stream. It's always a fun time.

The first part of the podcast we are joined by JT, of El Cap'n Caps, and we obviously talk Artisans. However, per usual, we quickly move on to more non-keyboard related stuff. You can expect to hear about tacos, Dr. Seuss, and a whole lot more.

After JT has to head off (he's a busy guy, after all), the OG Trio settles in for some sweet, sweet banter. If this is why you tune in, all three of us are in rare form and we cover topics such as keyboard drama over the last few weeks, Danny's Iris 3 updates and how he setup a cool way to flash them in 5 seconds or so, haircuts, soda, and more.

As always, thanks for tuning in. Let us know if you have suggestions for further episodes. Also note, we've changed some requirements for guests re: audio setup/equipment, so that should limit the triage needed to put the podcast together going forward which will ultimately mean faster uploads!