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May 18, 2019  

05/15/19 - Things Get Dirty with GERM (of!

May 18, 2019

If you know Germ, you know that this episode is going to be...different...than some of our past episodes, but in a way that will shake you to your very core! Muaha! No but really, we cannot take any responsibility for what came out of this fellow's mouth! It's like opening pandora's box, except this one is Canadian, vulgar, loves steno, keyboards, Monster Energy, and hockey (goal, apparently as it's called in his far away native land).

In all seriousness, we do talk about food (mostly of the Canadian variety), PCB design, the Elite-C, Proton-C, niche keyboards for a niche hobby, and a whole lot more.

Learn more about and their extremely niche-filling online store. If you are into steno at all, you will not want to miss this episode. After all, GERM is the "brain" behind things such as the Taco Pad, the Butter Stick, and Gergo.

Poutine. The Canadians talked about Poutine for a long, long time. Not sure what that is? See the cover for this week's episode! All I know is I am not pou-tine-it in my mouth. Ayyy!

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