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April 11, 2019  

04/10/19 - Keycaps, Recaps, Slap-Fights & More! Featuring Dan (of OhKeycaps!)

April 11, 2019

Very special thanks to Dan (of OhKeycaps) for being our guest this week. Credit where credit is due, Dan wanted to come on our show and explain a few things that have come up in the keyboard world as of late.

Expect that, the normal stuff, and a lot of talk about a website that rhymes with DassMop. How are things handled on said website? Do we agree, have changes we would implement, or do we just hate it and think it has no redeeming value? You are just going to have to listen to find out!

This was also the most annoying podcast to edit for a variety of reasons and we want to take a moment to thank the spectacular work of GeeWhiz (of SpaceCat Design) for his audio-genius. Yes, GeeWhiz also wrote this paragraph. Deal with it.

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