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March 28, 2019  

03/27/19 - Massive Amounts of QMK & Pop Requests (starring Yanfali and Drashna)!

March 28, 2019

Originally scheduled guest, MechMerlin, had to gracefully step out due to some food-born illness he acquired. Here's hoping he feels much better! Get some rest and listen to this podcast, that's a guarantee cure-all.

This week we, instead, talk to Drashna and Yanfali of QMK-fame. Discussion topics are obviously any and everything related to QMK: PRs, Configurator, etc! We also touch upon topics like video games, monitors and refresh rates, and even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or as it's affectionately known to Chris: Timmy and the Taffy Factory).

Joking aside, this is a solid group of folks having a solid conversation with plenty of laughs along the way. We definitely intend on having both Drashna and Yanfali back on as soon as possible!

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Rant on Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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