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May 11, 2020  

04/22/20 - Mr. & Mrs. SpaceCat & Germ! Quaran-DEAN Edition!

It's been a while, and this is actually a few weeks old so if there is content that makes no sense--whoops.

We've been trying to get some content out while locked-down and staying healthy, so stick with us for OG3 coming soon.

This is the first episode where Mrs. SpaceCat has joined the fray, along with the one and only--Germ. Yes, he talks about the magnets.

We're all over the place with this and none of us were able to use good audio setups, so the quality is not that great. Again, stick with us and we'll get back on a better schedule once things...calm down...I guess?

Anyhow, this is the first podcast of a double-header. Next one will be uploaded shortly. ENJOY!

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