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December 27, 2019  

12/25/19 - SINGULARITY (Episode Zero)

Everyone wants the unreleased episode. Pretty sure this is it. So, download and listen at your leisure. Then, you can let us know if it was any good! Everyone should keep in mind, however, It was our very first recording attempt! Not professionals, like we are now!

Did you have a good holiday? We hope you did! It would be a travesty if you didn't! Don't worry, this podcast will cheer you up! Nothing could be better, in fact! Though Santa's presents come in close second.

Krampus ain't here, so have no fear! Instead, have some joy and maybe some eggnog. Love each other, Love yourself.

Happy Holidays from OffTheClack! Instead of nightmares, we wish your dreams! Many, many, many wonderful dreams! Still, don't forget those less fortunate Everyone deserves happiness! Let the holiday spirit wash over yourself, For this is OffTheClack's special -- first ever episode!

December 23, 2019  

12/18/19 - What The F*ck, Danny?

Only one or two podcasts left until 2020, when we will then begin to cast with video streams! It only took us a full year to get it going--also, Josh has to be in-charge because he can't trust Danny or Chris' audio streams. After 50+ episodes they still pick the wrong inputs.


<3 JK, I love them both and wish them happy holidays! :-)

This week Danny brought his friend, who is an eSports Caster (LoL, I believe). He didn't prep the poor bastard at all, so he got a bit steam-rolled, but chimed in for some good moments. Would love to have him back for a proper eSports chat!

Stay tuned, we may release episode 0 as a holiday surprise. MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE.

December 16, 2019  

12/11/19 - Birth of the Four Loko Krew (4LK) w/ Gondo!

...some episodes you just need to listen to. This is probably one of them.

Pretty sure one, had some technical difficulties up front that pushed up behind a little in time. Podcast itself is fine, no issues--fear not! We just started too late to go much longer.

However, we did conceive of the FOUR LOKO KREW.

Oh yeah, also, follow this link to get Gondo a better microphone and help Make OffTheClack Great Again.

December 6, 2019  

12/04/19 - New Chris (CorruptedCaps) Is Here To Chat!

This week we welcome Chris (no, not that Chris, a better Chris) from CorruptedCaps!

Actually, our Canadian Chris is out (again) this week for some Canadian holiday or something. We don't know what they do up there in America's little hat. Who knows?

Anyhow, this is a long boi (2 hours and 30 minutes or so). Topics covered range from the following items (this list is NOT complete either):

  • Music / Bands / Concerts
  • Keyboards
  • CorruptedCap Artisans (Caps and Knobs!)
  • Bouillabaisse Drama
  • Keyboards
  • Old Age (33+)
  • #FunnyShit
  • Keyboards
  • Keycaps
  • Keysets
  • More Drama

That's right, there's a lot of FUNNY SHIT in this podcast. So you should listen to it.

Here are some shill links for CorruptedCaps:

CC on Instagram

CC on Etsy

December 2, 2019  

11/27/19 - 2019 Thanksgiving Spectacular (ft. Yanfali & Gondolindrim)

Special welcome to our Turkey-Day guests this week: Yanfali and Gondolindrim

First off, we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend and that you were all able to snag some good deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Sorry this one is a bit late to be posted, was busy with said holiday!

Lot's of keeb talk and lot's of off-topic talk, as well. As usual! Tons of laughs in this podcast, so be sure you aren't operating any heavy machinery while listening. 

Stay tuned, next week we speak with CorruptedCaps!

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