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November 22, 2019  

11/20/19 - How To Make A Bouillabaisse with Skullydazed (QMK & Clueboard)

We're joined this week by Skullydazed, of QMK and Clueboard fame. This episode is a little shorter than normal, however we probably talk about keyboards more than usual, also. Come give it a listen, you know you want to.

Also, in the event you were wondering, here is a recipe for a good one-hour bouillabaissethere isn't one.

Doesn't make sense? You should follow the Mechanical Keyboard subreddit more often! Particularly the absolute goldmine of drama and hilariousness this week involving Alice scandals and more. Popcorn all over the place.

But, back on topic, here are some links you should check from the guest himself, Skullydazed:

PS -- Enjoy the sound effects.

November 18, 2019  

11/13/19 - Clown Car Episode #2 (ft. Mrs. Maple-Computing & Germ)

Clown car because there are like, I don't twenty-six people on this podcast all at once.

It's definitely a stretch to call this one a keyboard podcast, but I mean, we do talk about keyboards for maybe a few minutes. It's just impossible to stay on topic with Germ as a guest.

We were also accompanied by Mrs. Maple-Computing which was a great treat. We're talking about maybe doing an all-wives episode in the future; just gotta get the wives on board! :-) Stay tuned for information on that as it develops!

Thanks for the listen and stay tuned as we have the following upcoming podcast guests:

  • 11/20/19 - Skully
  • 11/27/19 - Yanfali & Gondolindrim
  • 12/04/19 - CorruptedCaps
November 10, 2019  

11/06/19 - Cattin’ Around with Nat (aka Minterly)!

Minterly finally joined us! Yay!

Joking aside, this is a fantastic listen. Lot's of off-topic talk that you all have come to grow and love (obviously), but also lot's of keyboard talk. 

No, the second part of the podcast does not involve Minterly (aka Nat) pushing a shopping cart around her home, that is actually the noise of her doggo (see: Cover Image). We didn't want to remove it because we do end up talking about it for quite some time.

All in all, you're going to really love this episode. Minterly discusses working on KAT and compares with working on SA (with SP). Pros/cons, all that good stuff. We also get a few choice tidbits of things coming up soon from Nat, but also all of our hosts (the OG3).

This is definitely worth the download, the team is back and operating at 111%.

Minterly lives here

November 4, 2019  

10/30/19 - Chris Returns, But Minterly Is Missing!

Full Disclosure: Minterly had to cancel because some things came up, so we are hopefully going to reschedule her as soon as this upcoming week. Check our Discord and website for any information as we will post it as soon as we find out!

Chris makes his triumphant return in this podcast, as we dissect some of the current happenings in the Mechanical Keyboard scene...including the r/MK subreddit and all it's glorious memes (/s).

OG3 in the house, take a listen. Or don't, but that would be unwise.

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