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September 29, 2019  

09/25/19 - OTC + Mr. Keebs Podcast Spectacular!

Mr. Keebs (aka Felipe) joins us today for a long-awaited union of minds. We are thrilled to have made this happen as Mr. Keebs is a wonderful community member and a real stand-up guy. Also, he made for a fantastic guest!

Topics ranging from Brazil to America (the countries, yep), keyboards (believe it or not), and much more on this very special episode of OffTheClack.

Please visit our guest at the link below, his content is great:

Mr. Keebs

September 23, 2019  

09/18/19 - Bizarro Land with Chris’ BFF (Who Uses a Razer Keyboard)!

Yup, you read that right. We got a normal consumer as a guest today. Sort of. It's Chris' friend since they were little babies together in the hospital, or something. Credit where credit is due, the man jumps right in and it's a perfect blend of banter and

We talk keyboards, from a consumer and vendor POV, get everyone's take on some of the more mass produced items out there (like the Razer keyboards, etc), and a whole lot more.

Obviously, the derailment is present, but it's a fun time and one of the funner podcasts we've had a chance to record. Very lively!

Everyone knows we have the liveliest podcasts. Absolute liveliest.

September 15, 2019  

09/11/19 - Sorry, Not Sorry!

You know, sometimes things just get carried away. This just happens to be one of those times. Great little listen, but do not expect that much keyboard talk on this one. We were lucky enough to have Brad from ZayaCaps with us for this unintentionally ridiculous episode. He probably won't ever come back.

Heh. Enjoy!

September 8, 2019  

09/04/19 - Vendor Q&A w/ Cannon Keys, Keebio and SpaceCat Design

We get a lot of suggested questions, so this week we decided to lean into that.

As such, we grab Upas (from Cannon Keys) and go through a variety of questions asked from the OffTheClack listeners. Obviously we get a little derailed in true OtC fashion, but for the most part this is a solid "about keebs" episode.

We hope you enjoy and if you have questions, pop in our Discord and post in the proper channel. You may get your question answered on-air!

September 2, 2019  

08/28/19 - Put The Team on My Back (ft. MKUltraCorp)

Sometimes, you know, things happen. Chris was out this week doing his PAX West thing and we were able to snag MKUltraCorp as a guest host in his place!

Surprising amount of keyboard talk and unfortunately no taco talk, but please don't change that dial just yet. We learn about a lot of the new projects Erik is working on (from MKUltraCorp), when we might see them, prices, MOQs, and all those other juicy scoops (ahoy!) you keeb-fans have been lookin' for.

Only on OffTheClack!

We also, obviously, go way off topic and sometimes get downright outlandish!

PS--Podcast cover unrelated. Glitter pills just freak me out and I want them to freakĀ you out. Enjoy.

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