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July 28, 2019  

07/24/19 - Chris-less in July Special (Ft. Germ & Jordi)

Ah yes! Chris-less has come early this year!

We joke, of course, as the podcast is never quite the same without Chris, but alas--we trudged on with some help from Jordi ( and Germ ( Surprisingly lots of keyboard and keyboard-adjacent topics tonight. Lots of listener questions (from Discord) will be answered, as well.

Slightly shorter than some of our more recent podcasts, but a hell of a listen to. Topics covering Guy Fieri being a good brother, things to try in and out of the keyboard world at least once, Germ things (if you know him, you know what we mean already, if not--LISTEN!), and much more with a first ever rapid-fire question segment for the hosts and guests.

Oh, and philosophical discussion about art. Lots of that too. For some reason. Heh.

July 21, 2019  

07/17/19 - The Gang Chats w/ Jordi (of StrataKB)…Again!

We are joined once again by great friend of the OffTheClack Podcast--Jordi, the man behind StrataKB! Odds are, if you have an acrylic case, there's a good chance this man made it. Truth!

Lots of off-topic chatter, but also lots of useful information around the Seattle Meetup, the BFLaunchPad (and it's, ahem, "off-shoots"), Singapore Meetup, Secret Discords, Who Can Lose Their Train of Thought the Most, and these are just a few of the items on today's list to discuss. I mean, who could ask for more?

Special thanks to all of our patrons, we will be posting some patron-only tier content...finally...very soon (PCB Videos from Chris and maybe a special CONSPIRACY THEORY episode starring yours truly--GeeWhiz, and then Danny might do something crazy too--who knows). Stay tuned and check back RIGHT HERE ON OTC.FM for more updates on that!

July 13, 2019  

07/10/19 - Who Needs a Script?

Writing these is a lot harder than people realize. Especially when it's an OG Trio episode and things get...a the rails? But then again, that's not always a bad thing! We're kind of known for getting derailed, so why not lean into it? 

We do, in fact, talk about keebs this week. Topics ranging from SA SNES, Mercury Keyboard (of Drop), expensive as heck switches and whether it's worth it, all this and surprisingly more in this episode!

But yes, we also cover the hard hitting topics that we know fans want to hear about. How to pop your ears after a long flight, why is Chris always so cranky, just what IS Danny up to during most of the podcast, and how many times can Josh say the word 'jawn' in just one episode.

These things and more!

July 6, 2019  

07/03/19 - It’s Really Just Painting…You’re Just Wrong!

In this episode we go back to our roots. Each of us explains how we, roughly, got started in the keyboard "business." Very interesting stories, indeed--and quite different from one another.

Yes, it's just the OG Trio again! This was a fun, fun, fun podcast and really worth a listen if you want to hear about keyboards, storefronts, pcbs, keysets, and a lot more that happens to actually be on-topic with mechanical keyboards! Go figure!

Coming in under 2 hours, this is a great (and somewhat quicker than normal) listen. Guided mostly by fan suggested questions, we would also like to take this opportunity to welcome anyone to send in questions for our hosts and maybe we will get to answer them live, on-air!

Special shoutout to all patrons and continued listeners. We're at 26 episodes and climbing and having a blast doing this. We hope you still enjoy us!


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