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May 30, 2019  

05/29/19 - Justin (Of Switch Couture) Chats With Us…Peripherally, Of Course!

This week's special guest is Justin (aka Peripheral, aka Peripheral Installer) of Switch Couture. We were hoping he could enlighten us on some of the finer aspects of keyboarding, but instead it seems we may have corrupted yet another person with the OffTheClack Fever! Kidding, of course--Justin is the best of us!

His services are a valuable asset to the community. Right now he's working mostly on cables (which look great, btw), but also helps fix keyboards and other related items.

We chat about how it all came to be, his previous work and how it helps him with Switch Couture, why he chose that name, and of course we quickly devolve into talking about tacos, poutine, and melons...sort of!

Check this one out as it's probably one of the funnier podcasts we've done (in our opinion). Your mileage may vary, but it's a great listen either way!

Switch Couture Discord

May 25, 2019  

05/22/19 - Merry Chris-less Episode! Featuring Jordi from StrataKB!

Chris-less came early this year...sort of! Most of the podcast is Danny, Josh, and Jordi (of StrataKB) chit-chatting about lubricants, insect tacos, laser-cutting, group buys and much more.

Chris does join us for a bit and in typical fashion things get feisty! <3

In all seriousness, this is a fun listen that is also very close to our longest episode, but a lot of that ended up being Danny having issues running OBS. Podcast listeners rejoice as all that has been removed!

StrataKB Website

Big Ol' Soldering Gun

Lead Swab Testers

Creality 3D Printers

May 18, 2019  

05/15/19 - Things Get Dirty with GERM (of!

If you know Germ, you know that this episode is going to be...different...than some of our past episodes, but in a way that will shake you to your very core! Muaha! No but really, we cannot take any responsibility for what came out of this fellow's mouth! It's like opening pandora's box, except this one is Canadian, vulgar, loves steno, keyboards, Monster Energy, and hockey (goal, apparently as it's called in his far away native land).

In all seriousness, we do talk about food (mostly of the Canadian variety), PCB design, the Elite-C, Proton-C, niche keyboards for a niche hobby, and a whole lot more.

Learn more about and their extremely niche-filling online store. If you are into steno at all, you will not want to miss this episode. After all, GERM is the "brain" behind things such as the Taco Pad, the Butter Stick, and Gergo.

Poutine. The Canadians talked about Poutine for a long, long time. Not sure what that is? See the cover for this week's episode! All I know is I am not pou-tine-it in my mouth. Ayyy!

Blog @

Guides @

May 10, 2019  

05/08/19 - Two Hours Talkin’ to Tessachka…Truly Terrific!

This week we have the always wonderful, Tessachka on to chat with us about keyboards, streaming, video games, and more! Topics covering Chris' dog, Josh's friend growing up who was lost and naked in Camden (New Jersey), tacos (of the fish variety, mostly), and so much more!

This is our longest podcast yet and we are very happy with how it turned out! Definitely expect Tessa back at some point in theĀ near future. We talked about so many things and she's just as great on a podcast as she is live on stream!

Please check out some of her stuff and other things mentioned in the podcast below:

Tessachka on Streamerpedia

Tessachka on Twitch

Tessachka on Twitter

Tessachka on Instagram

PS -- The cover image of this podcast is Chris' cute little doggo. What a good boy!

May 2, 2019  

05/01/19 - Going Down South with Dixie Mech!

This week we talk with Garret of DixieMech!

It's also worth noting that we finally are back to normal; meaning Chris has a home and Danny is back from vacation! Thanks for hanging with us during that doofy period, we promise we'll try to keep those episodes to a minimum!

In this episode we tackle the Drop(.com) name change, STEAK TACOS, stealing PCB and Sticker designs (fake ALFs to PO Boxes and more), and learn about everything and anything DixieMech!

Links you may want to check out:

DixieMech Website

Drop Website

Mizu on DixieMech

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