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April 25, 2019  

04/24/19 - Awesome & Amazing Artisan Episode ft. Kyle (of KeyForge)!

Note: This will be the last week that you may hear some goofiness in our audio setup. Danny will return from vacation before the next episode, and Chris should have some belongings to call his own at that point. 😺

This week we were extremely lucky to sit down and chat with Kyle, the brains and brawn behind KeyForge artisans. You can expect the normal questions that everyone likes to hear, but we also sidetrack (obviously, this IS OffTheClack, after all) with some...interesting topics! Entertainment at it's finest, ladies and gents!

Tacos, hairy keycaps, artisan keycaps, artistic debate, giant limousine riding mice issuing violent threats, ketogenic diet, heart palpitations, and so much more! We had an absolute blast talking with Kyle which was only made better by our guest OTC host, Yanfali (that QMK fella). We may try to get a laugh track based on nothing but Yan's many different laughter sounds. 💖

Take a looksie through the links below for more information on topics discussed during the podcast. Did we miss one? two? THREE? Wow, you really should let us know!

KeyForge's Website

KeyForge's Instagram

Ketogenic Diet

Zakk Wylde's Bloody Guitar

April 18, 2019  

04/17/19 - The “Away From Home” Edition (ft. Drashna & MechMerlin, of QMK Fame).

Oh boy.

Sometimes things happen. It's a fact of life. Other times, more than one thing happens. Also, just a part of life. However, there are rare moments in life when things combine together to create a travesty of epic proportions.

Okay, I am slightly (overly) exaggerating for entertainment value. It wasn't that bad. Just know that Chris was far from home, while he traverses the entire country (no joke) and Danny is on Vacation somewhere, probably very fancy and comfortable--what a jerk.

Aside from that, we have special guest host Drashna, of QMK. He is a man of few words, but certainly loves his Box Navy switches; fun times!

Our actual "guest" this week is MechMerlin (who had to drop-out of a previous episode due to an upset tummy). Well, his stomach might be better if his favorite type of taco wasn't the oh-so-cleverly worded "takoyaki." Those are basically fried octopus balls. Oddly enough they are served in a somewhat taco-like vehicle, but I digress.

...we do also mention keyboards at some point, but who cares about that?

QMK Website

QMK on GitHub

QMK Configurator on GitHub

QMK Toolbox on GitHub

Takoyaki on Wikipedia

The Eye Key Dragon Stars (DBZ, literally) on Massdrop

April 11, 2019  

04/10/19 - Keycaps, Recaps, Slap-Fights & More! Featuring Dan (of OhKeycaps!)

Very special thanks to Dan (of OhKeycaps) for being our guest this week. Credit where credit is due, Dan wanted to come on our show and explain a few things that have come up in the keyboard world as of late.

Expect that, the normal stuff, and a lot of talk about a website that rhymes with DassMop. How are things handled on said website? Do we agree, have changes we would implement, or do we just hate it and think it has no redeeming value? You are just going to have to listen to find out!

This was also the most annoying podcast to edit for a variety of reasons and we want to take a moment to thank the spectacular work of GeeWhiz (of SpaceCat Design) for his audio-genius. Yes, GeeWhiz also wrote this paragraph. Deal with it.

OhKeycaps Website

Keebio Website

SpaceCat Design Website

Massdrop Website

GeekHack Website

April 4, 2019  

04/03/19 - Mike (of NovelKeys) chats about Star Wars, NDAs, Keysets and Copyrights!

Note: Discord servers went down during the podcast and as such there is a little confusion at the start, if you want to skip the intros and go right to after the troubles happened, you can start listening at about the 4:00 mark. Otherwise, strap on in and go for the same confusing ride we were on while filming for about a minute!

We were lucky enough to snag Mike, owner and operator of NovelKeys, for our podcast this week. Danny, Josh and Chris each take turns trying to confuse Mike into breaking his NDA (just kidding, of course!) with Disney/Star Wars. Mike does explain, in general, how the process went down and also how he was able to use official NASA logos on products. Both are great stories; expect these and so much more on this episode--you definitely don't want to miss out! This week is actually spent mostly on keyboard chatter, go figure! What are you waiting for? Download -or- listen now!

NovelKeys on the Web

NovelKeys on Facebook

NovelKeys on Instagram

NovelKeys on YouTube

Galactic Empire DSA by NovelKeys

Quefrency on

C39 Group Buy on SpaceCat Design

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