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March 28, 2019  

03/27/19 - Massive Amounts of QMK & Pop Requests (starring Yanfali and Drashna)!

Originally scheduled guest, MechMerlin, had to gracefully step out due to some food-born illness he acquired. Here's hoping he feels much better! Get some rest and listen to this podcast, that's a guarantee cure-all.

This week we, instead, talk to Drashna and Yanfali of QMK-fame. Discussion topics are obviously any and everything related to QMK: PRs, Configurator, etc! We also touch upon topics like video games, monitors and refresh rates, and even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or as it's affectionately known to Chris: Timmy and the Taffy Factory).

Joking aside, this is a solid group of folks having a solid conversation with plenty of laughs along the way. We definitely intend on having both Drashna and Yanfali back on as soon as possible!

QMK Website

QMK on GitHub

QMK Configurator on GitHub

QMK Toolbox on GitHub

Rant on Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Beast Battle Simulator on Steam

March 21, 2019  

03/20/19 - Outstanding Understanding with Andrew (Upas) of CannonKeys!

This week we have very special guest Andrew, aka Upas, from CannonKeys (website just launched, check it out below!). We also #hiredzxsq for one podcast and allowed him to be a special guest-host this week. Small internet hiccups may have interrupted the live stream, but the podcast version is perfect and ready for your ear buds to enjoy. Tune in and learn more about CannonKeys' amazing newbie and budget friendly keyboard kits, how to pronounce NAS, and so much more.

CannonKeys Website

CannonKeys Instagram

CannonKeys Discord

March 17, 2019  

03/13/19 - Talking Turkey with TinyT (TinyMakesThings)

Note: This podcast was recorded using stereo sound, as such we recommend you use at least two speakers or wear both ear-buds, otherwise you may miss a large amount of content.

On this week's podcast, we speak with the incredible TinyT (or TinyMakesThings). We consider TinyT a pillar of the keyboard community, so we were honored to have her as a guest on our podcast. We chat about the normal keyboard topics; things you would expect. But it wouldn't be OffTheClack if things didn't take a weird, non-keeb turn, would it? Tune in to find out more!

TinyMakesThings on Instagram

TinyMakesThings on Twitter

TinyMakesThings on the Web

March 7, 2019  

03/06/19 - Candid Conversations with Cody (from KeyHive & UT47 Fame)!

This week we have an awesome conversation with Cody, the person behind KeyHive and many large group buys...such as the UT47 and now, the UT47.2! Some topics we touch upon include: keyset prices, keyset packaging/mailing standards, grab bags of keycaps, tacos, and more! Once we enter the flavor-zone, we never leave!

Please forgive the transition in the middle of the podcast as we had some audio issues and this was a fun and fix way of just bringing everything back together. <3



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