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February 28, 2019  

02/27/19 - We Go Off The Rails with Naaackers!

This week everything goes to hell...but in the best possible way! We have streamer, Naaackers, on with us this week. We discuss all types of things such as tacos, Guy Fieri, keyboards (small amount!), and everything in-between. Get ready for a rockin' podcast: sit back, relax and enjoy the noise!

Naaacker's Website

Bloodshed Software (C++ Compiler)

Getting a Job in Russia

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

Step by Step

Family Matters

February 22, 2019  

02/20/19 - The Gang Chats with Jack (of OLKB) and ishtob (Proton-C)

Join us this week at we talk with two amazing members of the community that you probably already know! First, we have Jack (of OLKB) and second is ishtob, or Andy, of the Proton-C & Hadron.Come with us as we embark on a journey spanning topics such as favorite tacos, warm black tea, clear solder-mask, PCB fabs, and Chris not knowing the difference between a Prototype and Production PCB...and so much more!

OLKB Website

ishtob's Website

JLCPCB Fabricator

Microsoft Adaptive Controller

OffTheClack Patreon

February 19, 2019  

02/13/19 - PrimeCaps Chats During a PCB Design Challenge!

Frank and Lisa (from PrimeCaps) join us this week to talk artisans! During our talk, Danny and Chris are also facing off in a 1v1 head-to-head PCB design contest. Make no sense? Just give it a listen and if you are looking for the associated video, we will have that uploaded shortly.

Podcast Transcript


Twitch VOD

February 11, 2019  

02/06/19 - PCB Design Talk + Fan Questions

The original trio is here to discuss a much requested topic--PCB Design! The format of the show is a bit different on this in, it's definitely a bit more structured than usual. Next week we'll be back to booze and keebs, but this week is all about PCB Design and answering our listeners' questions!

ai03's PCB Design Guide

February 3, 2019  

01/30/19 - USB Cable Deathmatch w/ Badger & Zap Cables!

This week we have a deathmatch with BadgerCables going head-to-head with ZapCables! ...sort of, things are actually very friendly the entire time because everyone is super nice in real life, sorry to disappoint! We do, however, have a blast while talking keyboards, cables, tacos, and beer!

Badger Cables

Zap Cables

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