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January 25, 2019  

01/23/19 - w/ Jordi & @zxsq

This week we have Jolimon back to chat! We get into steno-boards, macro-pads, switches and a whole lot more. 'zxsq' is also a guest later in the podcast to discuss robotics work he does while volunteering with students. We also talk about the Clicking Championship and [10FF]. Don't know what that is? Better listen!

January 20, 2019  

01/16/19 - Podcast w/ Jordi from StrataKB

This week we spoke with the owner of StrataKB, fka /u/Jolimon. We learn more about laser cutting, how he got into the business and he shares his feelings on garlic bread. We also discuss the C39 group buy and various projects started by Danny, from Keebio.

January 8, 2019  

01/06/19 - Our First Podcast!

This is our first podcast, although it is our second attempt at doing so, heh. Have a listen, tell us what you think. In this podcast we cover the normal introductory podcast stuff, as well as talk about new products and ideas circulating our little niche corner of the interwebs.

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